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Even though her family calls her Emma Bemma, seven year-old Emma knows she is really just medium. That’s because she’s the middle kid between her two brothers, who everyone calls Big and Little. Big thinks he's the coolest kid on the planet now that he's 10. That means he doesn’t want to play Legos, or anything else, with Emma anymore. And everyone thinks Little is just adorable even when he picks his nose and eats it! Ugh. What’s a middle child to do? Sometimes Emma feels like the only one who understands her is her Japanese fighting fish, Star, whose tank is stuck in the middle of his two brothers. And now, Emma has to ride in the middle seat as her family embarks on a weeklong beach vacation with friends, where being just medium will only get worse! Then Emma has an idea. What if she could get out of being in the middle  by taking on a new role?  What if she acted big? Or even bigger than that? Will things go as planned? Or will she have a huge dilEmma?


Middle Grade

Triple Trouble

Eleven year-old rebellious triplet Sam yearns to break free from his helicopter father’s rules, especially from his starring role in the family Youtube safety vlog, Triple Trouble. Yet his father doesn’t trust him to do anything right. When Sam's alpha sister, Sienna, suffers a serious head injury and their parents must turn their focus to her recovery, Sam must grab what may be his only opportunity for freedom in any way he can.

Sam’s other sister, anxious Sophie, is just as determined to follow the rules as he is to break them. All she really wants is someone or something to make her feel safe after all the warnings she’s grown up with.   When Sienna is hurt, Sophie's safety bubble pops. She scrambles to find a new support system in this world without rules, hoping a new friend in her life can replace her father and sister’s guidance.

Upon discovering a mysterious fourth baby book in the basement, the two triplets question their family’s very foundation. Were they ever really triplets at all?  Sam and Sophie must bond together to confront their parents about this family secret. If Sam can’t take responsibility and figure out how fortunate he truly is, he’ll get himself into serious trouble. If Sophie doesn't face her fears and stand up for herself, her new ‘friend' is poised to take advantage of her.

Told with humor and heart from Sam and Sophie’s alternating points of view, as well as excerpts from the vlog, TRIPLE TROUBLE explores family dynamics, secrets, and the pressures on the modern adolescent including anxiety, social media, and technology.
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